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Annual Report 2005/06

Penticton Indian Band has maintained a busy, productive 2005-6 year. There continues to be a high rate of Clients seeking employment or training to enhance their employment opportunities. The goal is to strive for long term employment.

This is where the Employment Counselling Skills become vital to assist the Client in looking at their goals. Listed below are areas that are considered when reviewing goals:

  • Is this the Career direction the Client really desires, plus is this the Clients decision? This question can determine, short term or long term Employment.
  • The energy spent on unfulfilling employment, adds stress and may cause Clients to quit employment or take a medical leave. If the Client is assisted in finding a career they are suited to, they have a greater opportunity of achieving long term employment.
  • As Employment Counsellor, it is important to case manage Clients through their transition. Support is what builds strength and nurtures self esteem.
  • The Client researches their goal, which brings awareness to the Client to determine, if this is the goal they want to pursue.
  • Other barrier’s the Client needs to take into consideration is child care, transportation, family dynamics and relocating.

The Bands priority is Education; we have and continue to have a high enrollment for continued education at the levels of Secondary, College and University. We take pride in this fact, however with the funds to accommodate all those wishing to enhance their education is impossible.

Training coincides with Education. Training programs are assessed for quality, standard and recognition. Some training programs are, Valhalla Safety, St. John Ambulance, Personal Life Management, E.C.E., Carpentry, Youth programs, Skills Link Program, Childbirth Educators training program, Summer Youth programs.

Client success is based on the support, guidance and direction they receive. Clients are guided to achieve the highest standard for their goals. Team work is essential in all aspects of success.


Sheona Paul is 20 yrs old. She attended the Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd, Pre-Entry Floorman (Roughneck) Certificate Program. The course was in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Sheona was the only female in the course. She completed with 92% average. This opportunity was attained through a partnership with Service Canada. This career was chosen due to to the flexible opportunities, outdoors and high pay.

Robin Kruger
Life Skills Program

Bobbi-lee George (left)  Audrey George (right)

First Aid

Justin George

Carpentry Training

Florence White

First Aid

Joseph Raphael (left)  Stephanie Squakin (right)

Skills Link Training

Virgil Paul


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