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How to Apply

When applying for OTDC funding, it is recommended you first contact one of the Employment and Training Coordinators in your "Service Area" (see above "Service Area" Tab for Service Area Map and "Coordinators" Tab for List of Contacts), as they can assist with the application process and/or employment counseling assistance.

However, when not possible, please review the following guidelines and procedures to ensure all forms required in an Application Package are completed before submitting directly to OTDC.  Any missing forms or information may delay the application process. 

After application submission, please allow 2 to 4 weeks minimum for application processing before funding is needed. 

All OTDC web-site PDF forms need to be printed, and completed legibly, as required.  Fax, or scan and email, or mail, applications to OTDC for processing, with all applicable supporting documentation.

If employed and/or looking at a career change, do not quit your employment until you have sought employment counseling assistance first (see above "Service Area" Tab for Service Area Map and "Coordinators" Tab for List of Contacts).

Guidelines and Forms for INDIVIDUAL Application

Complete the OTDC Application Package and include:


  • This document consists of 7 questions with regards to the funding requested.  Most importantly, include the "Program Type Requested" (upper right corner).  When completing yourself you will be only concerned with 2 options; "Course/Seat Purchase" and "Youth/Student Development".  Taking your age into consideration indicate which of the 2 options you will select.
  • The bottom of page 2 of this document provides a "Support Documentation" check list to ensure you attach relevant documents to this application package.


  • This document is the official OTDC Application and must be completed for all requests for funding assistance on all OTDC training and employment programs.
  • It is self-explanatory, therefore, complete relevant sections that apply to your situation, including the "Program" in the upper right corner (same as the questionnaire); "Location of Activity" (where will it take place); "Description" (a mini-summary of what the funding is for); "Contribution Request" (total funding required); and if any other sponsor(ship) funds and/or contribution(s) from other sources is/are available for split-funding.
  • Please provide as much detail as possible, including calculations from the financial forms, and any other explanations that will assist with the assessment and review. For allocated Rates, contact the Employment and Training Coordinator or Program Administrator for your "Service Area" (see above "Service Area" Tab for Service Area Map and "Coordinators" Tab for List of Contacts).


  • This document is an OTDC-specific form that must accompany your application package.
  • It includes a proof of aboriginal ancestry section and other relevant information required to determine eligibility.


  • Under freedom of information, OTDC/ARMS must have your consent to release information to, or receive information from, agencies and persons relevant to your application. 
  • Select applicable options and/or add any that are not included but are relevant to the application process.
  • Employment and Training Coordinators and Educational Institutions may also have you complete their own Consent Form in order for them to assist on your behalf.


  • Section B: Training Expenses must be included in the application package as it is a breakdown and review of all possible training expenses.
  • Section A: Financial Budget will give a breakdown of your monthly income and spending for your application review process.


  • Include a resumé and/or short 2-3 paragraph "To Whom It May Concern" Letter (using the questionnaire as a guide) showing:  what you know about the labour market related to the training (pre-application LMI research below); any previous experience (work and/or training); your willingness to relocate for work; and any other information which will provide the rationale for OTDC funding. 
  • The letter and resume are intended to provide some personal background about you, which could enhance your application and impact OTDC's decision to fund you or not.


  • Attach a Course Outline with Learning Outcome, Schedule with start/end dates, Costs, and Educational Institution Information to your Application Package. 
  • If you already have an Enrollment/Acceptance Letter from the educational institution, include in the Application Package. 

Guidelines and Forms for EMPLOYERS Application

If you are an Employer looking to apply for an OTDC program, in order to hire aboriginal person(s), the program details, including eligible employers and eligible costs, targeted participants, and other criteria, are available on this web-site. Please review prior to submitting your Application Package.

It is recommended you first contact one of the Employment and Training Coordinators in your "Service Area" (see above "Service Area" Tab for Service Area Map and "Coordinators" Tab for List of Contacts), as they can assist with the application process and/or employment counseling assistance.

A completed OTDC Application Package, for Workplace Training, Job Development Project/Individual Wage Subsidy or Targeted Wage Subsidy, and/or other Programs, will include:

  1. Rationale Brief – preferably on letterhead, dated, with authorized signature(s), and includes:  
    • Reason/rationale – for the training, job development project/individual wage subsidy, and/or other programs;
    • The relationship – between the requested program(s) and the labour market;
    • Benefit(s) – to the client(s)/trainee(s) and/or employer;
    • Targeted client(s)/trainee(s) – student, youth, Reachback or EI recipient, Social Assistance recipient, other (specify);
    • Client(s)/trainee(s) particulars (if already known) – brief background, previous training/work, etc. OR indicate Individual documentation will be submitted once hiring process is done;
    • Budget details – wage costs, subsidy allocation costs, training costs, special costs, overhead costs, as required; and
    • Additional program details – all which enhance your rationale, including any other sponsor funds and/or contribution(s) from other sources, whether new or existing position(s) and/or project(s), future plans for the position(s) and/or project(s), expected outcomes, work activities, supervision, hours of work, pay details, training on-the-job and off-the-job, etc.
  2. Application form – same/similar as above individual guidelines, but employer-focused.
  3. Job/Project Description(s) – for new and/or existing position(s) and/or project(s).
  4. Individual documentation (if already known) – for (each) client(s)/trainee(s), same/similar as above application guidelines, but exclude the individual application form(s).  OR
  5. Submit Individual documentation (once hired) – for (each) client(s)/trainee(s), same/similar as above application guidelines, but exclude the individual application form(s).  

Guidelines and Forms for Pre-Application

Emphasis on future employment of your career choice or trade, job prospects, training, and labour market research is key to the approval of your OTDC Application Package and OTDC may ask, at any time during the application process, what research emphasis was done. 

Therefore, it is recommended you complete the labour market information LMI Research forms, and Training Course Research forms within 4 to 6 months before submitting your OTDC Application Package. This research may assist you in determining which options are better for your future goals and what needs to be done to get there. 

Ideally, if possible, Job Shadow in your career choice or trade so that you are fully aware of what the job expectations are before proceeding further.  You may find out you do not like your choice of career with respect to the job expectations, and/or educational requirements, and better to find out before investing time and/or money in it. 

When possible, contact one of the Employment and Training Coordinators in your "Service Area" (see above "Service Area" Tab for Service Area Map and "Coordinators" Tab for List of Contacts), as they can assist you with arrangments for a Job Shadow experience; or set up on your own, include the particulars on the LMI Research form Cover Page, and add it to the OTDC Application Package

Guidelines and Forms for Contract Administration

Once your OTDC funding as been approved and a Contract has been completed and signed, you may be required to complete the Claim/Activities form and/or the Summer Student Proof of Enrollment form, however, this direction will come directly from OTDC and/or the Employment and Training Coordinator(s).  You may be asked to obtain form(s) directly from the website.

Application Forms

pdfApplication Form153.28 KB 05/01/2016, 15:03

pdfApplication Attachments Questionnaire55.07 KB 05/01/2016, 14:57

pdfParticipant Information Exchange (PIE)40.92 KB05/01/2016, 14:57

pdfConsent For Release of Information and Use of Image89.13 KB05/01/2016, 14:57

pdfFinancials94.37 KB 05/01/2016, 14:57

Pre-Application Forms (As Required)

pdfLMI (Labour Market Information) Research Form474.8 KB05/01/2016, 14:57

pdfTraining Course Research Form354.07 KB 05/01/2016

Contract Administration Forms

pdfOTDC Claim and Activities Report167.79 KB 05/01/2016, 15:51

pdfProof of School Enrollment Form71.21 KB 05/01/2016, 14:57

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