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The Lower Similkameen Indian Band has once again done a lot of things differently in ways to find better opportunities for our community members. Our labour market is very low here so we have to be creative in training ventures.

We had one of our most successful seasons networking with other area bands. Our Summer Students had the opportunity to experience many different career opportunities such as jobs in the Film Industry. Thanks to Osoyoos Indian Band and the Inkameep Heritage Centre our youth got to participate in a film specifically made for the Heritage Centre. The debut of that film will be this summer. They got to experience Rattle Snake tracking which gave them an insight in the Environmental Careers.

At our own school, our youth learned how to lay a wood floor and basics around the Construction Trades. When if was completed they sure had a sense of pride, it gave them self esteem and the drive that taught them that they could accomplish anything.


Alfred & Lori Snow, Wendy, Lyle, & Patrick Terbasket

We did a joint funding partnership with the Workers Compensation Board in gaining training opportunity for an individual in Heavy Duty Machinery, it was a very successful training and the client is still actively working in that industry. It is a perfect example of how proper case management can benefit a clients’ career outcome. We have managed to complete a couple of Job Creation Projects this year and our community benefited in many more ways than one. We had a crew cutting and delivering wood to those who needed, elders who couldn’t go out got to visit. This year was one of our most successful and smooth sailing seasons for involving community members. We also have done repairs at the Ashnola Subdivision and repairs at the Chopaka rodeo grounds. There were some projects that were not completed due to time constraints, but over all I feel that the community is satisfied with the work that was completed. We have supported training in the Media Arts, with one student completing a one week Media Intensive Program. This involved hands on training in an innovative live/work Media Centre on Galiano Island.

We have one student in Business Administration and one in Native Indian Teachers Education Program (NITEP) studying to be a primary teacher. Both of these are utilizing their Employment Insurance Part II monies. We try to do our best with finding the best possible solution to financial support.


 T. Elkink teaching Nsylxcen with the children and Sarah Peterson Nta’mtqen Snm’alm’ayatn Band School.

The picture above is a good example of the achievements that can be accomplished for our future generations. We had sent these two teachers to Chase to complete the Total Physical Response level 2 training. This is a positive result that OTDC has contributed to for LSIB

We have a student that is acquiring her certification as an Education Assistant and plans on working in School District #53. This was another joint partnership done between Bowman Employment Services, Workzone and OTDC. She is doing exceptionally well and is ahead of her classmates in work. We will have another awesome trained individual within the Similkameen Community.

There are many different career options for those that hold their ticket in this area. With the baby boomers approaching retirement age, the job market is going to open up substantially. We do our best here to support our clients through any certificate that will assist them in their job search. First Aid Level 3 is always a great transferable skill to have and great certification to have. We have had people attend this training and complete it successfully. The door is open to almost any kind of training that will be a step closer to someone’s career goal as long as there is a solid rationale and it fits into our funding criteria. Have a look at our web page at www.otdc.org.

There will be a boom of jobs coming up as we near the 2010 Olympics and now is the time to obtain all the training that we can access. By working together we can achieve better results that lead to more sound and long term employability. Try something different and maybe you will find the career you always dreamed of having. There are many, many areas in trades that you can access. Do you know which one would be best for you? The Okanagan Training Development Council Employment Counselors can help you reach your goals in Career Development.

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